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Mystery Boxes

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

I've been thinking awhile about things to offer along with my photographic services... I've always been intrigued by the #mysterybox #boom thats been going on a lot lately and it had me thinking. Who would enjoy a box from a photographer? I thought themed would be best. Include a haul full of fun, creative and different things! With personal art, collections, and other things to keep you guessing. So I'm going to take a poll! What best way to get a good idea from the community than a poll. LOL. So if you get the chance, take the poll below and you'll get $5 off your first box!! You may also comment "YES!" on this post if you'd love a mystery box + $5 off! Just provide your email please :) We'll, I can't wait to hear your feedback!

Peace, Love & Creativity!


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