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On His Birthday

I've been slacking a bit lately on figuring out a good topic to discuss. Todays topic is perfect. Perfect for me. To those of you who don't know me personally, I have a rather "old school" taste. I just turned 25 on the 6th. My musical taste is 70s & 80s (& now if its rock lol). Another thing I found I enjoy, Silent Films. Generally speaking. But mostly, Sir Charles Chaplin. I can't get over the number of people who don't know his name. #CharlieChaplin

I have been a fan of his since freshman year of high school. I saw my very first silent film star, Charlie Chaplin. I went to New Oxford High School in the small "antique capital of central PA" and one of my favorite teachers (who happened to also be my mothers teacher when she went to high school there. #smalltownlife), Mr. Kendlehart, introduced me to the joys of the silent film era. We watched Charlie Chaplins Modern Times which, in my opinion, was amazing! I loved every minute of it.

After I saw that (this may or may not show my age #90sbaby), I took to Ebay haha. I ended up buying ALL of his silent films including is first talkie, The Great Dictator. I also acquired my own amazingly bedazzled Charlie Chaplin black & white with red trim purse. I took that thing everywhere! (Photo for embarrassment) Ahem, ok... Back to his films.

His talkie The Great Dictator was a great risk on Chaplins part. His brother tried convincing him not to do it as it was so risky. It is an obvious play at WWII and Adolf Hitler (whom, coincidentally, was born April 20th, 1889. A meer 4 days after Chaplin). Charlie got a lot of grief from the people, especially newspapers. He wasn't an actual citizen of the US and many people thought he was Jewish. His friends, including Douglas Fairbanks Sr., mentioned of his mustache as a way for "the people" (non-celebrity) to make a connection of the two. Even though, there wasn't a connection. I could write a whole book on just that time in Charlies life alone!

I also had gotten his eldest son, Charles Chaplin Jr.s, book My Father, Charlie Chaplin. It definitely gives you that up-close feel and a peek into his life. Charlie had it rough from Day 1. Him and his brother Sydney went to Workhouses, father out of the picture all during the Industrial Revolution. A lot of the poverty was brought on do to the war with South Africa and women didn't have such a good time then without many rights. Their mother wasn't financially stable. The inability to provide led to them being taken to the workhouses. Charlie and his brother were separated because his brother was a teenager at the time and he was only seven years old. When Charlie was older, he had the dreadful task of admitting his mother to a mental asylum from acquiring psychosis.

He's always been a performer. His brother Sydney helped him along the way in Vaudeville. The book doesn't lead too much into his background like this but more as Jr was growing up and experiencing life around the famous Tramp and being his son. But it is definitely something amazing to read! I really ran off on a history rant lol. He's been a great part of my life though and should really be remembered.

He and his family had been traveling in Europe around 1952 when they received notification they were not aloud back into the States because they labeled him a Communist. McCarthyism... It took 20+ years to allow him back in the US to receive and Honorary Oscar. I've attached a video from this amazingly memorable moment. You can see the emotion. You can feel it.

I just hope this honors a greatness who is sometimes overlooked. Without him, who knows what would have come. Without him, so much wouldn't have. He was an innovator, a creator and someone who had great effect on the people. He went through so much and made the most of what he had and the ability to get where he was. I do believe he helped me on my path to who I am today. I am honored to have been able to laugh with him. I hope you find your laughter.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted"-Charlie Chaplin.

Peace & Love


My super amazing bedazzled chaplin purse. (stored away for safety lol)

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