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Great tips for a great family!

I've been thinking about how people can make their photo sessions a breeze. I of course try to get as much planned as possible for my clients, but some things they have to do. PPA (Professional Photographers of America) has a great article about great tip for your photography day. They outline a few key points to planning 'beautiful family photos'. Finding the best photographer is key. (I'd like to say I am your #number1 choice. 😉 But if I'm not near you or available, someone local should be ok. ) Next, planning ahead. This is extremely important! Especially when it comes to clothes, location, style, etc. If you let that go until the day of, your head will be spinning and it won't go as smoothly as you'd hoped. So a check list is a great thing to have for you. I'll publish one for you :)! Only the list for #3 is color scheme. That is a valid tip. You don't necessarily want to arrive with nobody matching. Now I'm not saying you need to be the family in all white and denim (which isn't bad either), but some coordination is key. The photo attached is a great example of coordination!

Mom worked grey/blues and reds very well for her family and even added little accessories (like little mans bowtie for example). She knew the #look! #4: Talk to your children. I know how hard it is to get an anxious 4 year old to smile and be happy. It isn't easy. But when they know whats going on and you include them, after a few minutes, they can perk right up! You can never tell with children. They're so unpredictable sometimes. But if you give yourself a running start, you'll help your photographer out too! This next one is a great tip for other activities too and I bet you've used it! 'Decide on a reward'. I know most parents, if the weather is great, will hit the ice cream button! Once they say that, the children get in frenzy-mode. They're happiness is won over by 2 simple words. But, you can tell when a parent has said it too much... it loses its value. So be sure to keep it on the down-low #Shhh. Almost make it a secret. Up next, feeding! This is priority, because you don't want cranky, hungry, sassy kids. So take precaution, feed the family beforehand. That also makes the reward better! They'll work up an appetite and know they've done well for you. Last but not least, TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! you found your photographer for a reason. You took time to look over their portfolio and knew that you had a winner. Remember that the day of your shoot. Many times parents get so lost in a world of keeping things perfect that they forget about why they're there. To get amazing photos! Remember, more times than not, candid is best. So don't always settle for that stiff, traditional pose and let your photographer do their thing. They know what they're doing to make it as easy and smooth as possible for YOU!

Well, those were the points they hit. I just took my approach to it! If you want to check out the link I'll provide it down below. A number 1 key to remember, have fun! I know how #cheesy that is but it's true. If you're having a good time, your family will too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace & Love


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