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Why Not Bring Your Pet?

Most times I do family portraits or anything similar, I always like to ask "any furry friends tagging along?". They look at me funny and majority say no. But, with my pets, they're family! Why not bring them along? Now I know, some pets just aren't up to doing a shoot or dealing with a lot of other people around. That's understandable. But if they're friendly and you love them, why not?! I always find it fun and exciting to work with animals. Especially when their personality shines!

Can you see me?

It definitely calls for patiences too. Clients tend to be in a do-it-now mode and it shouldn't be that way. The animal needs a moment to analyze the scene and get comfortable. Especially with the photographer. If the photographer doesn't take it easy, they may not be the one for you. Bring their favorite toy or treats and let the photographer take it so they can play and enjoy each other during a stressful situation for the critter. Especially when the whole fam is in on the photo, it's all up to the photographer to make it happen!


Also, always remember how quick kitten and puppy time lasts. Those times make for great photo-ops! #puppylove #kittentime And it's a great way to socialize! Capture their pure, innocent energy and personality.

On that note, let them be them. Of course you'd like that proper and poised look, but you'll realize you love the goofy or loving moments all the same. Especially when they're coming closer to the rainbow. It's a magical time to capture them and to cherish them forever.

This is my boy Blute. He smiled perfectly for my sister behind me with a treat lol!
Poised Puppers

The photo below is of my puppers Blute! He has such a personality! He's jumpy, extremely smart (which isn't always good for us lol), and loving. I was so happy I could capture this photo with the help of my sister calling his name and showing him treats. It was tough for him to sit still, but he gave in and gave me a quick smile! He was just 2 years old at the time!

I could talk about Blute all day! But This photograph, to me, is a piece of art. They can all be pieces of art you show off to your new neighbors or friends and family because they were/are your family!

When it comes to scheduling your session, remember how your pet is at certain times. Just like I say about baby sessions or with children, you want to work with them and their schedule. You know when they're sleeping or time to eat and you know when they're ready to play. Work with them. It will make for a smooth session and keep the critters happy!

Now it's really up to you wether or not if you'd prefer indoor shoot or outdoor. For cats and normally indoor critters its best to stick to that or even in your own home so they're comfortable. But it's all up to you! Because you know them best. Going back to the work of art statement, Indoor could make for a more formal arena for your pet to explore. While outdoor can be whimsical and adventurous! And of course the season comes into play. Because not all critters are up for snow, unlike a big furry husky!

So #foodforthough, when planning your upcoming photography session, don't forget the furry ones! They'll offer a loving, kind-eyed approach to a traditional shoot or a modern one. Always remember, they may only be part of your life, but you're all of theirs. Including them opens up a world of possibilities and capturing most amazing photographs!

Peace, Love & Meow!


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