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Lets Talk Weddings!

Ok. So here's one of the biggest milestones in life. Your wedding day. Everyone calls it your wedding day, but it's really almost like your wedding year! #weddingbliss is accomplished after the pain of planning and organizing such a memorable event. I'd like to offer some tips the bride & groom about... You guessed it. Photography! Now I know, a lot of people I come across don't feel photography as being top of the list important. But if you think about it, the dress is safely put away and the treats are gone. Photography is what keeps those memories crystal clear! Well lets jump right to it. My tip #1 for you is, book far ahead of your wedding date. Really good, artistic photographers tend to get swiped early on. Some professionals are so popular, they're booked a year in advance. You want your photography and photographer to be the best of the best. So do your research and contact your top choices far in advance! Tip #2 is simple. Don't skimp. It is best not to sell yourself short when it comes to your photography. You want to research your area well and get the best quotes possible. Remember, the photos are what makes your memories. So don't be shy. #moneyhelps. But I do understand when you're on a tight budget. So once you find a photographer you like, talk to them. They, most likely, will help you get what you want because they get a client in return. The next tip is sort of close to home for me and important for you. #3, be sure they're a real pro. What makes a pro? I know so many photographers out there with raw talent that they taught themselves and produced a successful business out of it. Then you have people like me who wanted to further their education and have valuable resources afterwards (#AntonelliProud). Both can be pros. A good way to differ the two are: 1) Insurance. Most venues need the photographer and other service providers to have liability insurance. That is big and in the beginning, it hindered my ability to success. So please look for that. It saves you, the venue and the photographer if anything should happen. 2) They should be technical AND artistic. A lot of photographers who aren't professional don't understand lighting, manual mode and more. Yes, they may have skills, but are they whole? Ask questions. That's the easiest way to find out about their skills. 3) PPA. PPA is an organization, Professional Photographers of America. If they're a member of this organization, they have all those points. With PPA, to qualify for certain degrees and achievements, you must submit a certain quality of work and go through a strict set of challenges. PPA is a very respectable title and shows the degree in which they will go to succeed. On to tip #4. Look at their work. Be sure to see what they have to offer. Don't just view what they consider "best". Check out an entire wedding day. That will show you exactly if they're what you're looking for. #5, tell your photographer what you want. Now Pinterest is super popular.

Just ignore the #pinterestfails! Make a folder of what you find and love. Go over it with your photographer. That gives them an amazing idea of being able to execute exactly what you want. It will also help keep you positive. Because a visual helps clarify the style, theme, and all-around feel of your wedding. Lastly, #6. Talk to your photographer about after. In my beginning "adventures", there've been times when a lack of planning accomplished nothing... I would give them their work and a form to fill out what they'd ordered. And because we didn't meet or discuss anything, it took them months to get back to me and a lot of trying to contact. So plan ahead and build a timeline. Keep things moving and professional.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these valuable tips! You don't need to limit this to weddings. These tips can be applied for other services! Maybe next time we'll have a sort of Q & A for anyone. That sounds fun, right?! I'm excited!!

Until next time.

Peace & Love


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