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I'm Married!

Hey guys!

I thought I'd take a moment to just mention... #married! It's been quite an adventure but its finally happened. So, how does this pertain to my business? Well, I'm Findley now! I've battled back and forth with how I was going to take this. If I would hyphenate or stay Herren. I thought, heck with it. LOL. So I'm just DBA now. (Doing Business As). I don't think it complicates much.... But we won't know until it does HAHA! Anywhooo..

I thought I'd share some of my amazing photos from fellow photographer friend and former professor, Robert Wood Photography!

I just absolutely love them! I ended up changing dresses for dinner because we just had a small family meal at a restaurant and thought I'd be more comfortable. But I'm so happy and just had to share with the world!

Thank you for letting me share my happy moment with you!

Peace & Love,

Kari Findley

Kari Herren Photography

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