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But Why?

I can tell you exactly when and where I was the day I knew photography would be my #lifegoal. Ahhh... I remember it like it was yesterday. "Picture it! Sicily - 1945." (I know... Golden Girls reference. #ImAwesome) I was a spritely little freshman in High School. Would have been the year 2007. I signed up for my first art class, which I chose photography. Mr. Ken Myers was my teach, since retired. He actually happened to be my mothers teacher also. How funny is that! Any-who... I loved every minute of it.

In that same freshman year I visited a college, Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography. I was the youngest visitor for the group I was in and I knew then and there, I was going to Antonelli Institute. I'm not sure how many others had such an easy decision made for them so early on. But my life set forth since then. People tried to tell me to go to a 4 year school or a different one just because it's #normal. But I can tell you, My experience at Antonelli was THE BEST! I've never loved a school so much. :) You really had a family. Small classes were amazing and the teachers were so wonderful. I miss every minute of it! But I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for them. From beginning to end, my goals became reality. I just can't believe it.

Well. That went a lot longer than I'd planned. lol. But that is why I am where I am today!!

Peace & Love


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