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An Incredible Artist of Inspiration

This won't be an extremely long post, but rather an interesting one. I feel, as a professional photographer, we need to remember what was before us. Before the things we know of now. The people who helped forge a path through their lives that lead us to all we've discovered so far in the world of photography. In this post, I'd like to honor a visionary and master of the craft. He built a world around himself of that. The world. Most notably are his landscape portraits. But he ventured on so many different avenues and creative journeys of photography.

This photo was an immediate inspiration to me. I walked into my high schools freshman photography classroom and I looked to my left. There it was, hanging on the wall. I felt in my heart, without knowledge of who he was or how much of an affect it would have on me, that this was something I'd aspire to reach.

Ansel Adams. It's a household name. Yosemite was his breakthrough portfolio. Including his magic behind the camera and in the darkroom, he was a brilliant pianist. That began his muse for creativity. Ansel Adams taught himself to play the piano at the age of twelve. The piano provided a means of discipline and structure in his life.

Ansels first camera was a Kodak Brownie Box.

This is my brownie box I photographed in seltzer water.

He took to Yosemite and captured so many glorious photographs. His love of nature pushed him to seek it. After he created the photograph "Monolith, the Face of Half Dome", everything took off! Creating his first publication " Parmelian Prints of the High Sierras". Parmelian was a made up word because, Albert Bender who helped him to release his portfolio at the time, said naming it photographic prints wouldn't take off as fine art.

A few from his publication including Monolith, Face of Half Dome (top left)

He was, in my opinion, a brilliant man. Creating things with the natural beauty around him. Hand painting photographs and using fun and new technics that have broadened the horizon of photograph we know today. His brilliance is continued through workshops and other educational venues.

I could only hope to one day have the time and funds to explore the world around me and travel. Just to be able to plan and sit until the sun is just right to get the perfect purple hue above the pine trees and a glittering running creek next to me, capturing the smooth running water in it, would be an honor and dream. But I really believe honoring those who deserve it, taking the time to explore the artistry of masters of the craft, needs to be a focus every now and then.

Rose and Driftwood by Ansel Adams

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip. Take the time to view his work. Its remarkable and seeing how beautiful he shows the world is an honor!

Peace & Love!


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